Duolingo Game Hub Infinite coins Script 

An Awesome script made by RandomPerson

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Copy the script & enjoy

local A_1 = "Vortex"
local Event = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Packages.Knit.Services.PowerUpService.RF.Buy
Event:InvokeServer(A_1)local args = {
    [1] = "addCoin",
    [2] = 9999999 -- Change this to whatever amount you want


Features Of Duolingo Game Hub Infinite coins Script  Hack:

  • Free Items
  • Infinite Coins

How to run Duolingo Game Hub Infinite coins Script Hack

  • You first need an executor to execute the script. I recommend a paid executor
  • Join the game and attach your executor.
  • Copy the script, from either clicking the Script button or COPY the script
  • Now put the script in the executor, and execute the script