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On this page, I will explain, how to use Roblox Exploits, How to avoid getting viruses hacked & and exploit safety & how to find the right Roblox Scripts.

Free Executor

Here is a free executor, that I recommend using, better than other free executors that are filled with linkvertises key system


How do I avoid getting a virus?

If you’re downloading a script that’s not a .txt or .lua file, it would most likely be a virus. If the script is a .exe or a .rar file, it is most likely 100% a virus. If a Roblox Script download gets flagged as a virus with an anti-virus, then it’s 100% virus, no Roblox Script should get flagged as a virus. Scan any Roblox script with virustotal, if it’s a download or not! Here on, ill be posting the scripts as a Pastebin link or a “Copy” Button raw script!

The left one is the right way to have a script downloaded.
The Right one is the wrong one!

Don’t run scripts you don’t trust!

If the Roblox Script & Exploit, has a similar description as these below, it’s most likely 100% a virus. If the exploit or script has “passwords” to it, then it’s a virus. If the link looks suspicious, like “freerobux” or “”, then don’t download or click the link.

How to get a Roblox Exploit safe?

To Exploit in Roblox, you would need an executor, which is also called an “Exploit”. There are plenty of free exploits, but they most likely have a key system with linkvertises, or has malware in them & There is also paid ones. I recommend Synapse X if you can afford it!

* When I hit 100k ill do a massive Synapse X giveaway *

List over free exploits

  • Kiwi X (Free, Linkvertise Keysystem)

There’s no such thing as a “Synapse X crack”, “Free Synapse x” or “Any Exploit crack”.
If you see a video about an exploit cracked, just report it for “Spam or misleading” and don’t give it furthermore attention

Instructions How to use an exploit:

  1. First Disable Antivirus.
  2. Now Open the exploit.
  3. Join any game in roblox.
  4. Click Attach on the exploit
  5. Go back to the game now.
  6. Execute the script and enjoy! (How to Find Scripts?)

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