Shonen Smash Insta Kill All

Great auto farm by loglizzyy

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Got none

Copy the script & enjoy

local f = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Remotes.Attack
local p = game:GetService("Players")
local l = p.LocalPlayer
local s = l.Character
local e = s and s.PrimaryPart
local q,a = e and e.CFrame,e and s:FindFirstChild('Battle')
local x = a and a:FindFirstChild('Team')

for i,v in next,p:GetPlayers() do
    local c = v.Character
    local g,b = c and c.PrimaryPart,c and c:FindFirstChild('Battle')
    local t = b and b:FindFirstChild('Team')
    if not (a and g and b and v ~= l) then continue end
    if a.Value and b.Value ~= a.Value then continue end
    if not ((x and t and t.Value == x.Value) or (not (x and t))) then continue end
    while a and b and b.Value and b.Value == a.Value and c.Config.Damage.Value < 350 do
        e.CFrame = g.CFrame
        for i = 1,3 do f:FireServer('Normal', i) end
    f:FireServer('Normal', 5)
if e then e.CFrame = q end